In-Season Baseball Training FAQ

With the baseball season right around the corner, I’ve put together some FAQ that I thought you may want to know heading into the season. Q: 1 – Is in-season training necessary? Yes, in-season training is critical for baseball players. If you stop training in-season, you risk loosing everything you worked so hard for in the off-season. When you stop […]

3 Exercises To Alleviate Your Shoulder Pain

This is a guest post from GameChanger Coach Rob Riccobono If you lift weights, you probably have shoulder pain. If you spend most of your day sitting at a desk, you probably have shoulder pain. If you are an American citizen……you probably have shoulder pain. There are many causes for shoulder pain, but there are […]

Why You Must Train In-Season For Baseball

One of the biggest mistake baseball players make is working their butt off in the off-season only to stop training once this season starts. This is a HUGE mistake because  when you stop training during the season you’ll start to see your velocity go down. You will start missing with your fastball high and in […]

Why EVERYONE Should Train Like an Athlete

You want to exercise. Your main goals are staying healthy, looking better, and losing fat. You aren’t a competitive athlete, and you don’t need to bench press 400lbs. So the safest, most effective exercise regimen for you should include your favorite cardio machine, some light dumbbells, and maybe a bodyweight circuit..right? Not so fast. You […]

The Difference Between Training & Exercise

This is a guest post from GameChanger Coach Kevin Duffy A lot of times people will judge how effective a workout is by how tired you feel after the workout. Let’s get something straight: how tired you are from a workout is a short-term effect.  I’m here to tell you that there is a difference […]

December Athlete Of the Month

The Athlete Of The Month Award has become a tradition here at GameChanger Gym. Each month we give this award to the most deserving athlete. While it’s never an easy decision, the December Athlete Of The Month was given to Brian Henn for his commitment & dedication. Brian is a sophomore from Seton Hall Prep […]

The Truth About Protein Shakes

This is a guest post from GameChanger coach Rob Riccobono Athletes often ask me if it’s okay to drink protein shakes and powders. They want to know if these supplements are safe, or if they present health risks. There is plenty of misleading information on this topic, particularly among young athletes and parents. The truth […]

MYTH: Strength Training For Baseball Will Make You Slow & Tight

You’ve herd the expression “you shouldn’t lift heavy weights because it will make you tight, bulky & slow you down” haven’t you? The “old school” coaches that tell you this, probably think long distance running is good idea too. Any coach that tells you this is lying to you & they don’t understand how the […]

Read this Before You Train In Your High School Weight Room

If you’ve ever been told that 0ff-season training under the guidance of your high school baseball coach is the same as training with strength & conditioning professionals, you’ve been lied to. A baseball coach’s primary job is to coach baseball. They are not strength and conditioning coaches. If you needed a root canal, would you […]

From The Doctor: The # 2 Risk Factor For Baseball Injuries

In case you missed my last article, I introduced the number one risk factor for baseball players (specifically pitchers) that lead to injury – overuse. Today I wanted to talk about the second risk factor: Poor throwing mechanics. It makes perfect sense as throwing a baseball is the most violent motion in all of sports, so […]

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