5 Tips on Staying Lean During the Holidays

December’s a tough time for anyone who cares for their weight, health, fitness, or appearance. You simply cannot keep the weight off when there’s that much food, alcohol, & dessert being shoved in your face!!! I myself have fallen “victim” to the Holiday weight gain, but over the past few years, I’ve found a number […]

Improving Focus to Better Accomplish Your Goals

Focus can make or break you when it comes to getting stuff done & accomplishing your goals. Have good focus, and you’ll know exactly what your goals are, how you want to accomplish them, and do what needs to be done to get there. Have poor focus, and you might not even know what you’re […]

Getting Started with Stretching

Looking to take advantage of stretching in your daily routine? Not sure how to get started or what the best practices are? We’ve got your back 🙂 Just follow the easy steps below, and you’ll be on your way to attaining all the benefits of stretching in no time. #1 – Determine Your Tight Muscle […]

Kathleen’s Story

Kathleen Morales is a mother of 3 who joined GameChanger 4 years ago as one our our original Fit-Moms. Back then, Kathleen had just been recovering form a severe ankle injury and was looking to get back into shape. As a high school athlete, she was no stranger to hard work, but needed the right […]

Ultimate Guide to Counting Calories

To the uninitiated, calorie counting seems very involved to say the least. Where most people just grab something to eat that they think tastes good and is filling, the calorie counter ensures whatever they’re eating fit that caloric allotment they’re allowed for the day. And as pesky it can be, calorie counting is the gold […]

Linda’s Story

This week’s story is from Linda Auletta, Fit-Mom & GameChanger Adult Athlete from Springfield. Linda’s daughter Andrea & grandson Ben have both trained at GameChanger for many years before they introduced her to us. Before GameChanger, she was not big on exercising, but now she training in the gym 2-3 / week and kicking butt! […]

Mary’s Story

Mary Chiera – Fit-Mom from New Providence – has been a member of GameChanger for well over 2-and-a-half years. She, alongside her sister, daughter, niece, & nephew, have been an awesome part of the GameChanger family, training consistently & non-stop since first starting and always coming in with the right attitude & work ethic. Check […]

Steph’s Story

Coming to you this week is a story from Steph Steiner, Fit-Mom & Adult Athlete from Springfield whose husband and daughter also attend GameChanger. Check out what this 10-month veteran of GC had to say 🙂 Want to see more stories from our Fit-Moms & Fit-Dads? If so, just go to our Wall of GameChangers!

Faith’s Story

“Faith joined GC as a sophomore in High School. I had been a member for over 3 months and knew she would be a great fit for the program. I had watched how well all of the coaches interacted with the student athlete’s and knew she would be in good hands. GC has been a […]

What Foods Trigger You?

I have to admit: I have a bit of a sweet tooth. Sure, I like different kinds of food, but once dessert is brought out, all bets are off. It’s one of those things that I try my best to avoid, because the second I have one bite, the flood gates open and the next […]

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