Splenda’s Not Cancerous. Here’s Why.

Sucralose (or, Splenda) has been approved by the FDA as a safe general food sweetener for all kinds of foods since 1999. Over 110 scientific studies have confirmed the safety of using sucralose as a sugar-substitute (which led the FDA to make its decision on allowing sucralose to be used in food). (source) So, why […]

How to Squat for Stronger, Faster Legs

If you haven’t guessed it already, squats are an important exercise for athleticism. Athletes have every reason in the world to squat: They strengthen all of the muscles of the lower body in a balanced manner.This makes squats one of the most effective and efficient exercises to do. They also increase an athlete’s power. Lower […]

One-Step Strategy to Lose Weight for Good

There are many strategies to lose weight. Some of these plans are overly elaborate and complex. And others are just plain difficult! “Do ‘W’, ‘X’, and ‘Y’ long enough and on certain days, and you’ll lose ‘Z’ pounds in 8 weeks!” “Cut out about 3/4th of the food groups from your diet and do an […]

Dom’s Story

“I had not actively worked out in over 3-4 years. Before that, I had worked out at a conventional gym and many years ago (before children) I was into martial arts. My wife had been a member of GameChanger before and introduced it to me. I liked the idea of some kind of structured training […]

Pain Can Be a Liar Sometimes

You ever go to the gym, go home, and a part of your body slowly starts to hurt, and it gets worse ad worse as the day goes on. “Looks like I injured something.” If this has ever happened to you, chances are, you’ve gotten quite upset over it, and became quite worried about how […]

Stop Doing This Exercise Right Now

If you step inside any high school or college weightroom, chances are you’ll see athletes performing one particular exercise: power cleans. The power clean is a favorite with athletes and coaches simply because of the power it requires and develops (hence, the name). It involves rapidly lifting a barbell off of the ground, using the […]

GameChanger of the Month Fiona Morales

Congratulations to our Athlete GameChanger of the Month, Fiona Morales! “Fiona started training with us in the summer of 2015 when she was 12. She’s grown a lot as both an athlete and a person in that time. She’s one of the most engaging and friendly athletes we have ever had in our program. She’s […]

Melissa’s Two-Year Journey

The Adult GameChanger of the Month, this August, is our very own Fit-Mom Melissa Abo. Melissa’s a mother from Westfield who’s been training at GameChanger since the summer of 2016, looking to improve her health & fitness and live a healthier life overall. She’s trained elsewhere with varying amounts of success, but she found that […]

Paul’s Story

Adult Athlete Paul Piscitelli started with us here at GameChanger back in the summer of 2016. He was looking to lose weight and regain his health – he already got the ball rolling by fixing his diet, but he was looking to take his weight loss to the next level. Since starting out, he’s already […]

The Solution to a Busy Schedule

The biggest reason why people don’t start exercising is because “I don’t have time.” The unfortunate reality of almost all of our situations is that we live very, very, very busy lives. A few things that keep our schedules occupied include: – Our kids – Our pets – Our aging parents & in-laws – Our […]

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