Does Cardio Help You Lose Weight?

Are you making this common mistake when trying to lose weight and tone up?

Cardio is great at getting better at, well, cardio; but not the most efficient to losing weight. Listen to find out why.

“I feel much healthier!”

This week’s success story comes from Fit-Mom Joanne Lukowiak of Westfield, who’s not only been a part of GameChanger for the last few years, but trains alongside her 3 daughters who’ve been with us, too! Joanne’s been coming to GameChanger for a little over 4 years, and in that timeframe she says “I’ve gotten stronger […]

“I’ve Been Here for 6 Months & I’ve Been Transformed”

This week’s success story comes from our very own Fit-Mom & Adult Athlete Domenica Goldberg. Domenica’s a mother from Springfield who first joined GameChanger back in the spring of this year. In her words, she wasn’t feeling very happy, which affected every area of her life. But since joining, she’s said “I love it. I’ve […]

Long-Term Plan for a Lean, Tight Stomach

Getting a tight, toned, lean stomach by summer time may feel impossible, but trust me, there’s enough time to accomplish it if you stick to the right game plan. It’s not simple, nor is it easy, but if you commit yourself to it everyday, you WILL get the body you deserve come this summer. Check […]

“I love all of my workouts!”

Fit-Mom Anne Rossi has been a part of the GameChanger family for over two-and-a-half years now. Despite working out all the time for years before, she never really enjoyed her workouts. But all that changed when she joined GameChanger – she says “I love all of my workouts!” In her time with us thus far, she’s […]

5 Foods That Are Incredibly Filling & Low-Calorie

Making sure you restrict your calories so that you can lose weight can sometimes be tough, especially when you’re hungry all the time. But did you know that the foods you choose can make a huge impact on your hunger levels? Two cups of food “A” can be twice as filling as food “B”, while […]

“I’ve Lost 13lbs Since I Joined!”

“Before joining Gamechanger, I was going to the same local gym for 22 years. I was always very dedicated with my workouts and always went consistently. However, I only used cardio machines, because no one had ever showed me how to perform weight training properly. From day one, all of the coaches have always made […]

Why Focus on Strength for Athletes?

Question: Why should strength be the primary focus of an athlete’s training program? Why not speed? Why not endurance? Why not power? Why not agility? It’s not to say that none of the qualities are important for an athlete. In fact, an athlete should be sufficient in speed, endurance, etc. if they want to actually […]

Nancy’s Story

“Before finding GameChanger, I wasn’t motivated and was in a slump. I joined them based on the recommendation of a member who had already been at GameChanger. The challenge for newcomers really ‘kickstarted’ me and put on a path to become more and more fit. Being a member here has been a huge motivation for […]

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