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Do You Want To Get Rid Of That Stubborn Fat And
Look Great All Year Long?

Welcome to GameChanger! Over the past 3 ½ years, we’ve helped hundreds of busy dads just like you who want to lose weight & get fit. We’ve developed a program that’s super simple & easy to get started with – it works for even the busiest dad’s schedule. The best way for me to tell you about the program is to tell you about one of GameChanger’s members, Rich Londino:

Getting Started At GameChanger Is Simple & Easy

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“I had a membership at a local commercial gym that I NEVER used. I was drawn to GameChanger because of the personalized feel of the gym. Once Joe described how the sessions were structured, I knew it was going to be a good fit for me.

My experience at GameChanger has been fantastic! I absolutely love working out at this gym, and I’ll rarely ever miss a workout. I’ll be working out here for as long as GameChanger is still standing. The coaches are awesome, and all of the other gym members are very supportive and positive. I feel like we’re all a family here.

GameChanger has helped change my life in a few ways. I feel great AND look great (at least I have been told that I look great)! Plus, I have very positive attitude about my health overall.”

Rich Londino, Mountainside NJ

This Program Is Perfect For You If:

  •  You haven’t worked out in 6 months or more.
  • You’re are sick of wasting time doing the same old boring gym routine without getting the results you want.

diamonddave copy

“I joined the original ‘fit dad’ challenge as I was approaching 40 years old and wanted to get less running and more weight training. I met Joe and once I learned what he and his coaches were about, I was hooked.

It has been awesome thus far. I have really gotten back into lifting weights like I once did in college and I feel great. I have more energy, my clothes fit better and I perform better when playing pickup basketball, when skiing, or when, golfing.

It has refocused my whole family on fitness. My wife, who previously did only “fitness classes”, now lifts weights. My kids, too, talk about going to the gym and getting exercise all the time. My son loves the occasions when I bring him to GameChanger and he gets to run around the turf after class.

Getting back into weight training combined with cardio (like we do at GameChanger) has given me a ton more energy to play with my kids and participate in their events as a coach, etc. It has also enabled me to make a bunch of new friends – including the coaches- who help push me further when I workout.”

Dave Dietzel, Berkeley Heights NJ

Here’s How The Program Works:

Step 1: 1- on-1 Personal Training Session

During the first half of this session, we’ll start the nutrition coaching process, which is designed for long term fat loss. We don’t prescribe crazy fad diets or dangerous diet pills – that’s what the other guys do. We’ll give you long term strategies to not only lose the weight, but also to keep the weight off.  We’ll show you how you can get the results you want while still eating the foods you enjoy by making small tweaks to what you’re currently doing. You’ll leave this session with 3-5 actionable strategies for you to focus on during your program that will help you lose fat and get more toned, while increasing your energy.

During the second half of this session, we’ll discover exactly which exercises are safe for you to do and which exercises you should avoid doing. This allows us to modify and tweak your program to make sure you get a completely customized experience with us. At the end of this session, we’ll review the game plan for your program (most dads like you workout with us 3 days a week, but this may vary depending on your starting point). After your 1-on-1 personal training session, we’ll schedule your first small group workout and you’ll be on your way!



“Before GameChanger, I did not belong to any gym.

GameChanger has given me focus on becoming fit and strong. Nowadays, I wake up looking forward to building myself up three or four times a week at the gym.

The coaches are a very strong motivator for me, and the whole GameChanger team is willing to help our entire family reach their goals.”

Geo Morales, Kenilworth NJ

Step 2: Program Begins

All you have to do is show up – we’ll show you exactly what to do and we’ll make sure you’re doing it right so you can get great results without worrying about getting hurt. We’ll coach you every step of the way so you’re never on your own. Each session is like having your own personal trainer and you’ll be working out with like minded individuals so it’s a fun and supportive atmosphere.


octavio copy

“Before GameChanger, I wasn’t working out at any other gym. I was just playing indoor soccer once a week and cycling.

I really needed a change. I was no longer was losing weight and getting fit on my own, so I decided that I needed some help.

On Facebook, I kept seeing a page about the Jumpstart for dads and I thought, ‘what do I have to lose?’ So, I joined GameChanger and did the Jumpstart.

Ever since becoming a member at GameChanger, the biggest things that I’ve noticed are that I have more energy, feel better, and my clothes fit better.

One the best benefits of working out at GameChanger is the stress relief; my job as a Law Enforcement Officer is very stressful and this has been amazing at remedying that.

Coming here was just the motivation I needed to get back in shape. Thank you GameChanger for such a great experience!”

Octavio Tapia, Summit NJ

So to recap, here’s what your Program includes:

  • An initial 1-on-1 Personal Training session. This will set the foundation for your program and ensure you get a completely customized experience with us.
  • Up to 3 small group personal training sessions per week so you that you are never on your own.
  • Unlimited access to our Fat Burn Cardio sessions. These high intensity workouts are our version of cardio, and are designed to help you burn the most amount of calories in the shortest time possible, without having any impact on your joints.
  • Nutrition Coaching so you get the results you want, while eating the foods you enjoy. In addition to the first meeting, we’ll call you weekly for ongoing support and accountability.
  • Support from other busy dads just like you. You’ll never be on your own here. You have a support system of coaches and other dads to help you every step of the way.


“Before GameChanger, I was an unathletic kid who never really loved to workout or play sports. I was always picked last for anything and I hated gym. But one day, I wanted to change and I was willing to do anything to get there.

I was introduced to GameChanger by my cousins who were already training at GameChanger and have already showed a lot of progress after a few short months.

Training at GameChanger has been the best experience of my life. It showed me a new world – one where I love to get stronger and lose weight. With GameChanger, I have lost over 60 pounds and I’m stronger than I’ve ever been.

I love the progress I have made. It all has happened in less than two years, and I have many more years here at GameChanger.

GameChanger has changed my life in so many ways: emotionally, in my confidence, and in my lifestyle. I love the feeling I get when the family members I haven’t seen in a year can’t recognize me. They say I look so different and muscular and skinny now.

Life in general is so much better. I don’t feel tired all the time. Joining GameChanger was the best decision I ever made. I started here at a pudgy 235 pounds and now I’m a lean 165 lbs, that loves to play sports and workout.”

Alec Piscitelli, Union NJ

Getting Started At GameChanger Is Simple & Easy

Just click on the red ‘Get Started Today!’ button below to schedule your free one-on-one session.

Here’s the Schedule:

The class schedule is super flexible and there are enough class times to fit any dad’s schedule. You don’t have to commit to any specific day or time. You just need 3 short workouts a week to get the results you want. Here’s our schedule below:



“Before joining GameChanger, I was not going to a gym or working out on a regular basis. I worked out on my own at home from time to time, but I had a hard time sticking with a routine for more than a few weeks before stopping and falling back into bad habits. I had been slowly putting on weight over the years and was not happy about the way I looked or felt.

I learned about GameChanger when my kids were taking hitting lessons with Brian Henton. Brian recommended that my kids look into working out with Joe Meglio to improve their strength and agility as athletes. I was impressed with the way the GameChanger coaches worked with my kids. I saw them getting stronger and more athletic as a result of their work at GameChanger. When I received an email about the Jumpstart, I thought I’d give it a shot.

The Jumpstart was tough at first, but once I pushed through the initial soreness, I enjoyed coming to workout at GameChanger every day. I also started working with Coach Rob on a nutrition program. Between the workouts and the nutrition program, I was able to meet my goal of losing 30 pounds. Over the past several months, I have been able to maintain my target weight and have also gotten much stronger along the way.

The GameChanger coaches and all the people I’ve met while working out here have been great. The coaches are great motivators and are constantly coming up with new combinations of exercises to keep the workouts interesting and challenging. My family thinks I’m crazy, but I look forward to getting up at 5:00am every morning and heading out to the gym.

GameChanger has re-integrated fitness and strength training as a part of my daily life. Whereas before I had a hard to sticking with any kind of exercise regimen, I now look forward to working out every day and don’t like it when I miss one. I’m coming up on a year of working out at GameChanger (started on 9/14/2015) with no end in sight.”

Howard Stephen, South Orange NJ

Getting Started At GameChanger Is Simple & Easy

Just click on the red ‘Get Started Today!’ button below to schedule your free one-on-one session.