5 Ways to Recover From a Tough Game (Or Workout)

Tough game last night? Did it drag out and end late at night? Or did you just fully expend yourself physically and mentally? Or, does yesterday’s workout having you feeling sore? After a week of working and training are you feeling a bit stale? Here are 5 tricks to help you recover faster so you […]

Can You Lose Weight With Intermittent Fasting?

One of the more popular new fat loss techniques is known as Intermittent Fasting. With this style of eating, one has a small “feed window”, and this is the only time of day when he or she will eat. For example, you might choose an 8 hour feed window, and only allow yourself to eat […]

Avoid These Supplements!

Last week, we discussed the select few supplements that are actually useful and safe for an athlete. This week, let’s look at some common supplements that you should flat-out avoid. Stimulant-Containing Pre-Workouts Pre-workout supplements have been the craze these past few years – being touted as products that can transform your training and provide endless […]

Train til You Puke?

Training until you feel like you puke is bad. It’s silly, dangerous, and ineffective in the long run. We all know those programs that create “elite fitness” using super difficult exercises from gymnastics and Olympic weightlifting, mashing them all together and making you perform them for time, like some sort of race. And boy, are […]

The Hidden Gem Behind Success in Baseball and Softball

You’re fast? Awesome. You’re strong? Great. You can hit the ball further than anyone else on your team? Excellent. But, how do you deal with the times when things aren’t going your way? The answer to that question separates good baseball/softball players from great ones, and average players from next-level players. The thing is, it’s […]

Safe Supplements for Athletes

While a majority of supplements can be a total waste of money at best, and harmful to your health at worst – they’re are still a few supplements that can be useful for the young athlete. Greens Powder Kids don’t always like to eat their fruits and veggies, and sometimes this carries on as they […]

3 Reasons You’re Avoiding Training, & How to Fix It!

So you’re signed up for your class and you have every intention of making it to the gym and you’ve been excited to get started and stay consistent, awesome! But then something comes up and you say to yourself “I can’t possibly workout tonight because …….” It’s not as uncommon as you may think, and […]

Is Losing Weight 80% Diet and 20% Exercise?

If you want to lose body fat, how much of that success will come from eating well and how much will come from exercise? Is it true that losing weight is 80% diet and 20% exercise, or can you out-train a mediocre diet? Both aspects will contribute to getting and staying lean, but as you’ll […]

Big Dreams: NFL Draft Night

Tonight is one of my favorite nights of the year, the NFL draft! As many of you know, I love football but tonight is special to me for a whole different reason. The NFL draft is a culmination of all of the hard work that these incredible athletes have put in over the last 18 […]

The Best Way to FINALLY Tone Your Stomach

We all want to tone up and lose body fat. Some people want to focus more on their upper body, others on their lower body. One area that everyone wants to tone up more is their stomach. Unlike what many people may think, you won’t achieve this by doing tons and tons of crunches. Nor any other abdominal […]

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