What Should My Athlete Be Eating?

Lifting, running, training, working hard… That’s the easy part of being an athlete (seriously!) It’s what almost every athlete wants to do anyway. Athletes will have no problem crushing it in the gym or at practice. The hard part, however, is nutrition: eating the right foods in the right amounts to properly fuel your body […]

How Quickly Should You Lose Weight?

The speed of your weight loss can actually have quite an impact on your long-term results. It’s commonly accepted that if you slow down your weight loss to a steady 1-2lbs a week if you want to keep the pounds off permanently and not experience a rebound in weight. But what does the research say? […]

Foam Rolling – What & Why

Foam rollers are an inexpensive, resourceful way to maximize the effectiveness of your workouts and preventing injuries. Now, a foam roller is merely a large cylinder made of dense foam. By using one’s own bodyweight, anyone can give themselves a deep massage using a foam roller. By lying on a roller and administering self-massage, you […]

My Child Can’t Touch Their Toes: What Should I Do?

If your athlete lacks flexibility, and can’t even perform a proper toe touch, that’s okay. This sort of thing is common, especially with young athletes, who seem to have poor flexibility. First of all, the toe touch should NOT be the measuring stick for adequate flexibility and here’s why: Some kids just don’t know how […]

Should My Child Be Supplementing With Protien?

Protein supplementation can be a tricky topic for parents. There’s usually a large amount of confusion and questions when it comes to this topic, so here’s an FAQ that you can reference when considering getting your child a protein supplement. Q: Which protein is best? A: There are a number of protein powder products out […]

Is a Ketogenic Diet Right For You?

The ketogenic diet (frequently called just the “Keto” diet) is a very low-carbohydrate style of dieting that has become very popular. Not only is it very low in carbs, but it is also very high in fats. As a matter of fact, about 70% of your calories come from fat with a Keto diet! Are […]

Why Are Commercial Gyms So Cheap?

In any town or city, you’re bound to find at least one, if not more, commercial gyms that can cost only $25 per month, or even less! How do they do it? And how do smaller private gyms that cost $200-300+ per month compete? To answer the first question, it’s simple. Big box commercial gyms […]

Why Do We Use Small Group Personal Training

At GameChanger, we have chosen small group personal training as the way to train our members because 1. It offers superior results & accountability, and 2. It is the most cost effective option in the realm of gyms & training. When you decide to start exercising again, all you’ve got are three choices: commercial gyms, […]

Benefits of Goblet Squats & Why You Should Do Them

The goblet squat is amazing tool to learn the squat pattern as a complete beginner. It allows almost anyone to get down into the correct position, and even load it up with some weight to elicit strength gains. As soon as we learn the squat pattern and feel strong enough, it is extremely common to […]

5 Weight Loss Mistakes You Are Making

There are many dietary approaches you can take to lose weight, but the common theme is that you must burn more calories than you are taking in. If this is the only main information you need to know, what mistakes might you be making? There are common practices that many people believe are aiding in […]

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