Is Losing Weight 80% Diet and 20% Exercise?

If you want to lose body fat, how much of that success will come from eating well and how much will come from exercise? Is it true that losing weight is 80% diet and 20% exercise, or can you out-train a mediocre diet? Both aspects will contribute to getting and staying lean, but as you’ll […]

Big Dreams: NFL Draft Night

Tonight is one of my favorite nights of the year, the NFL draft! As many of you know, I love football but tonight is special to me for a whole different reason. The NFL draft is a culmination of all of the hard work that these incredible athletes have put in over the last 18 […]

The Best Way to FINALLY Tone Your Stomach

We all want to tone up and lose body fat. Some people want to focus more on their upper body, others on their lower body. One area that everyone wants to tone up more is their stomach. Unlike what many people may think, you won’t achieve this by doing tons and tons of crunches. Nor any other abdominal […]

How to Get Faster: The BIG 2

At some point in your life or at most times in your life you’ve probably wanted or still want to get faster, or improve your speed. I mean who doesn’t want to be fast, right? Like most athletes, you’ve probably tried every method of getting faster that the internet has provided you – ranging from […]

Cheat Meals! Should You Have Them? How Often?

If you are trying to lose body fat and get into better shape, is it okay to incorporate cheat meals into your nutrition plan? First, let’s define a “cheat meal” as any meal that is outside of your normal fat loss guidelines. It’s a meal when you eat whatever food you want, no matter how high in […]

Is Weight Training Making You Fat?

Most adults begin an exercise program for one main reason: to lose weight. However, this is not always what happens once they start working out consistently. In fact, I would go as far as to say that adults who lose weight after they start exercising are in the minority. Most people remain stagnant, or even gain weight! […]

5 Stretches You Can Perform to Prevent Soreness

Are you in-season? Are your practices and training sessions getting your feeling body sore and run-down? Or, are you a committed gym member consistently attending classes, working hard, all of that effort has you feeling a bit sore or tight? Either or, I have a few great stretches for you to do after your activities […]

3 Ways to Demolish a Weight Loss Plateau

Has your weight loss came to a screeching halt? The following tips will help you overcome your weight loss plateau. Check them out. 1. Start a Food Journal Consuming less food is important for fat loss. And surely, you’ve cut back as you’ve lost weight. But do you truly know what you’re eating every single […]

The 5 Foods You Should Never Eat

We often talk about the foods that should comprise your diet if you want to be healthy and fit: lean protein sources, vegetables, fruits, and whole grains to name a few. But what about the foods you should NEVER eat? Which foods and drinks are so full of empty calories, and so deleterious to your […]

3 Ways for In-Season Athletes to Prevent Overtraining

We’ve all heard of the term “overtraining,” right? What do you, as an athlete, feel when you hear this term said? Some may be afraid or wary of the idea – invoking mental images of becoming weak and frail – but I would say most dismiss the thought because they want to tough it out, […]

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