Are Genetics to Blame for Weight?

“Genes” – AKA, the part of your DNA responsible for inheriting and passing on certain traits – are often to blame for many situations. Parts of your appearance & personality, as well as the presence of certain illnesses, are due to your genes. And what about your weight? Can your genes determine how likely you […]

Can Shakes Replace Meals?

Protein shakes are quick way to consume calories and protein on the go. But are they viable enough (filling, healthy, and safe) to eat in place of regular meals made of whole foods? Watch the video below for my explanation on how protein shakes can replace your meals without any ill-effects. For more nutritional tips […]

Training Workarounds for Injured Athletes

Injuries are an unfortunate reality for many athletes. With all the nonstop training & playing, there a tons of opportunities for an athlete’s body to experience some tweaks. The good news is, there are plenty of workarounds for the injured athlete, so he or she can keep training, stay strong, & keep kicking butt. Below […]

Female Strength Training Myths You Should Ignore

In the past, women have been repelled by the idea of lifting weights for fear that they will get “too big.” This old way of thinking has been proven wrong, and it’s out with the old and in with the new! Here at GameChanger, we work with a wide variety of women, all different in […]

Get the Most Bang for Your Buck with Training

It’s common for athletes to become a little overzealous with training. Some of these guys want to do it all when they hit the gym: bench presses, then curls, then triceps, then lunges, then calf raises, then more curls … you get the idea. This work ethic and intensity is awesome, but sometimes it can […]

Are Your Hormones Responsible for Your Weight?

  Hormonal imbalances cause create a number of issues, including weight gain and the inability to lose weight. Unfortunately, it can be hard to decipher whether or not our own weight gain is a result of hormonal issues (and if you suspect you have hormonal issues, you should see an endocrinologist.) Watch the video below […]

How to Warm-Up for Practices & Games

Everybody knows that we need to perform well, but how many actually know how to put their bodies in the best situation to succeed? In order to become a good athlete, a huge emphasis should be placed on quality of movement & performance. To successfully prepare your body to perform with quality, you’re going to […]

Low Carb vs. Low Fat for Fat Loss

For decades, low fat diets were heralded as the one and only solution for fat loss. The idea was that fat consumption makes you fat. Remove the fat, and you lose body fat. As of late, the opposite idea has been adopted by many: that fat doesn’t make you fat, but carbs do. Many people […]

Do Athletes Need Power Cleans?

Power cleans are a staple exercise for many athletes at many levels – high school, collegiate, & the pros. The idea behind power cleans is that it trains “triple extension” – the body movement seen in jumps and sprints. And unlike other exercises, the power clean directly trains speed & power as opposed to just […]

Should I Come In to Train Today?

A frequent concern that I see in our athletes is when they should train versus when they shouldn’t. Most questions start with “I have to do (X) today” and end with “should I come train beforehand?” They’re all great questions and they have led to the creation of the reference sheet at the end of […]

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