Benefits of Goblet Squats & Why You Should Do Them

The goblet squat is amazing tool to learn the squat pattern as a complete beginner. It allows almost anyone to get down into the correct position, and even load it up with some weight to elicit strength gains. As soon as we learn the squat pattern and feel strong enough, it is extremely common to […]

5 Ways to Recover From a Tough Game (Or Workout)

Tough game last night? Did it drag out and end late at night? Or did you just fully expend yourself physically and mentally? Or, does yesterday’s workout having you feeling sore? After a week of working and training are you feeling a bit stale? Here are 5 tricks to help you recover faster so you […]

The Hidden Gem Behind Success in Baseball and Softball

You’re fast? Awesome. You’re strong? Great. You can hit the ball further than anyone else on your team? Excellent. But, how do you deal with the times when things aren’t going your way? The answer to that question separates good baseball/softball players from great ones, and average players from next-level players. The thing is, it’s […]

3 Reasons You’re Avoiding Training, & How to Fix It!

So you’re signed up for your class and you have every intention of making it to the gym and you’ve been excited to get started and stay consistent, awesome! But then something comes up and you say to yourself “I can’t possibly workout tonight because …….” It’s not as uncommon as you may think, and […]

Big Dreams: NFL Draft Night

Tonight is one of my favorite nights of the year, the NFL draft! As many of you know, I love football but tonight is special to me for a whole different reason. The NFL draft is a culmination of all of the hard work that these incredible athletes have put in over the last 18 […]

How to Get Faster: The BIG 2

At some point in your life or at most times in your life you’ve probably wanted or still want to get faster, or improve your speed. I mean who doesn’t want to be fast, right? Like most athletes, you’ve probably tried every method of getting faster that the internet has provided you – ranging from […]

5 Stretches You Can Perform to Prevent Soreness

Are you in-season? Are your practices and training sessions getting your feeling body sore and run-down? Or, are you a committed gym member consistently attending classes, working hard, all of that effort has you feeling a bit sore or tight? Either or, I have a few great stretches for you to do after your activities […]

3 Ways for In-Season Athletes to Prevent Overtraining

We’ve all heard of the term “overtraining,” right? What do you, as an athlete, feel when you hear this term said? Some may be afraid or wary of the idea – invoking mental images of becoming weak and frail – but I would say most dismiss the thought because they want to tough it out, […]

The Importance of In-Season Training – Part 3

So, spring sports have begun and practice every day on top of school and homework have you drained, but you’ve found time to make it to the gym twice a week. Now your work is done and you can rest on the fact that you train in-season, good for you, right? NOPE, not even close. […]

3 Ways To Reduce Arm Soreness from Throwing

Are you experiencing soreness in your throwing arm early in the season? If you are, you’re not alone. Don’t panic, this soreness isn’t as uncommon as you may think. Keep in mind, soreness is different from pain & injury. Below are 3 ways to reduce arm soreness from throwing #1 Warm-up Properly Running a few […]

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