Do Athletes Need Power Cleans?

Power cleans are a staple exercise for many athletes at many levels – high school, collegiate, & the pros. The idea behind power cleans is that it trains “triple extension” – the body movement seen in jumps and sprints. And unlike other exercises, the power clean directly trains speed & power as opposed to just […]

Should I Come In to Train Today?

A frequent concern that I see in our athletes is when they should train versus when they shouldn’t. Most questions start with “I have to do (X) today” and end with “should I come train beforehand?” They’re all great questions and they have led to the creation of the reference sheet at the end of […]

3 More Tips to Stay Lean on Vacation

(For our original tips on staying lean on vacation, click here.) When going away during the summer, it becomes easy to let yourself gain weight. While you can still enjoy yourself and have a good time, there are some sensible, low-stress ways you can follow to stay lean during vacation. (And if you haven’t seen […]

Should My Child Be Supplementing With Protien?

Protein supplementation can be a tricky topic for parents. There’s usually a large amount of confusion and questions when it comes to this topic, so here’s an FAQ that you can reference when considering getting your child a protein supplement. Q: Which protein is best? A: There are a number of protein powder products out […]

Is a Ketogenic Diet Right For You?

The ketogenic diet (frequently called just the “Keto” diet) is a very low-carbohydrate style of dieting that has become very popular. Not only is it very low in carbs, but it is also very high in fats. As a matter of fact, about 70% of your calories come from fat with a Keto diet! Are […]

Why Are Commercial Gyms So Cheap?

In any town or city, you’re bound to find at least one, if not more, commercial gyms that can cost only $25 per month, or even less! How do they do it? And how do smaller private gyms that cost $200-300+ per month compete? To answer the first question, it’s simple. Big box commercial gyms […]

Why Do We Use Small Group Personal Training

At GameChanger, we have chosen small group personal training as the way to train our members because 1. It offers superior results & accountability, and 2. It is the most cost effective option in the realm of gyms & training. When you decide to start exercising again, all you’ve got are three choices: commercial gyms, […]

5 Weight Loss Mistakes You Are Making

There are many dietary approaches you can take to lose weight, but the common theme is that you must burn more calories than you are taking in. If this is the only main information you need to know, what mistakes might you be making? There are common practices that many people believe are aiding in […]

Avoid These Supplements!

Last week, we discussed the select few supplements that are actually useful and safe for an athlete. This week, let’s look at some common supplements that you should flat-out avoid. Stimulant-Containing Pre-Workouts Pre-workout supplements have been the craze these past few years – being touted as products that can transform your training and provide endless […]

Train til You Puke?

Training until you feel like you puke is bad. It’s silly, dangerous, and ineffective in the long run. We all know those programs that create “elite fitness” using super difficult exercises from gymnastics and Olympic weightlifting, mashing them all together and making you perform them for time, like some sort of race. And boy, are […]

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